Thursday, December 30, 2010

Valentine's Day Dino Card and New Files

Wow! What a long month Dec, was for me.. And it finally coming to and end!! I have been busy designing and redesigning old files, so keep an eye out in the next month for loads of new files!!

My little guy is doing better, no ear tubs for now, so that was great news! Christmas was a blast, I took loads of pictures and am ready to do some serious scrapbooking this coming New Year!

Last year my boys each made a animal heart valentine to give to there Grandma, Here is 1 I have loaded to the store today!!  Also included in the file is just a die cut of the dino, and regular eyes are also included.. incase you want to use the card as an invite or birthday card.

I used a chalk marker, chalk and cardstock to create this remake of the original cards.. but we had also used glitter, beads, pattern paper and embossing powder on the originals.. so many ways to create! Hope you enjoy using her/him!
You can find the File HERE


Happy Holidays Everyone! -LisaJane

Here are a few other new files, that are a few of my Fav!

You can find all my Design's HERE

Friday, December 10, 2010

Here are the other 4 Files coming out tonight!!

I am so sorry.. for the delay in posting these.. my little guy has been so sick and was in the hospital so I have just been swapped.. but here are the other 4 files that will be sent tonight by EMAIL to all my Newsletter Subscribers, follow my blog and JOIN HERE for the Newlsetter and Anyone who has purchased a FileKutz Design in the last month from VDBC ** Excluding the Grab Bag!! I hope you all enjoy them!!  You Must be on the Email List by 7pm EST time to receive these files, I will be sending them sometime after 8pm and I will not be sending them out again after that! They will be included in the email it's self, no long downloading times, you can just save directly from the email!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

5 Free File will be sent out on Dec 10th!!!

Join my email list HERE, to receive 5 FREE Christmas Files on Dec 10th!! This is my apprication gift for all my subscribers!! I will be showing off the files throught the next 3 days.. so keep checking back! Here is the 1st one!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Grab Bag ONLY 7.00!!

December 2010 Grab Bag

This grab bag is being previewed from the start

so it may be listed at $7.00 for a limited time.

Lots of potential!

There are no basic boring shapes in this set..

lots of layers and cuts in each file.

Three designers each month from the "More" Team

will collaborate in a different themed grab bag.

This set will only be offered together for one month.

And is exclusive in this collection ONLY for the

month of Decmeber 2010

And with these three designers. So get it while it's up.

Retail value for individually

purchased files is $35.00 !!!!

This set will never be wrapped and bundled the same again.

So get it at such a great value before the end of the month.

Files are immediately ready for download.


Files offered by Kitty's Cuttings are in the following formats


Files Offered by RSMobley Designs are in the following formats:


Files offered by Filekutz by LisaJane are in the following formats