Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free File Announcment From FileKutz By LisaJane

You want a FileKutz By LisaJane File? But can't make a commitment to a CT team? Well I have a perfect solution for you..

(you can also veiw this on the FileKutz CT BLOG PAGE FREE FILES)

1. Use a File you already have from FileKutz By LisaJane.. either from a freebie or purchased file, create a layout, card or other project.

2. Post it to your Blog or anywhere else you want too, send me the links to where you posted it, must post at least 1 place. (If you can't do this email me..)

3. Email it to ME, **Subject Line: FileKutz Project for LisaJane, with 1 full photo, 1 close up, your details (created by ect) and the recipe of what you used to create the project and send request for you free file with SKU number and Title of File. 

4. I will post your picture(s) to my CT Blog!! It's That easy!

Now there are some other requirements and rules:

1. I only give the same file out 7 times for a Freebie, All files that can not be requested at Freebies will be listed on the CT page Free File, in Numerical SKU Order with Title, as they have been taken. So 1st come 1st choice on the open freebies, All of my files are open to this until they reach the 7 givaway mark.

2. By you sending me the photo's you give my any and all right's to use them, for detailed images, promoting, newsletter's and on my blog's/website. Credit will ALWAYS be given to you as the creator of the project.

3. Anyone who send's me at least 1 project a month for 3 month's in a row, can be added to the Bio Page of this CT Blog if they wish, Contact ME for more details if you qualify and what to do this.

Freebie's will no longer be given out on my blog's. And I will only have them in the FileKutz Newsletter for Nov. 2010, and  Dec I will only be sending a link to my Newsletter Email List, for 5 FREE Files as a Christmas gift for supporting FileKutz design's.  All other Freebie's will only be through VDBC Newsletter on an occasional basis, I will advertise this in the FileKutz Newsletter when I offer one.
FileKutz Newsletter will show off new files, project's and Scrapbooking Talk, and will be sent out every other month next year!

Files That Are No Longer Avaiable For Freebie Request:


1 comment:

FileKutz said...

Ok, I have had a few questions about this and wanted to give the answers here too..

1. Can I submit Digital Layout or Cards?
The answer is yes, that is ok too.
2. Do I have to send close up's or is 1 full photo ok?
That is ok, if you just send 1 full photo, but if you really like something on the project take up a close up of it.
3. Can you put my info such as Name, Blog Link on the photo for me?
Yes, I can do that.. just let me know what you would like to use for your name, full name, first name and last name initial or screen name ect..

Feel free to ask me more questions if you have them.