Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Heart Belongs To You Piggy Valentine!!

My Heart Belongs To You Piggy Valentine!!

I hope all is going well for all of you, in the beginning's of the New Year! I am just having a blast remaking these Valentine's I created last year, for my children to give to there Grandma, same as the Dino: I just used cardstock, chalk markers and
chalk.. This one also can be a done a little 3D, using pop dot's under the different
pieces to get the look!! 

Also in the file there is a die cut of the Pig, so you can use him on the front of a card or on layouts.  You can also change him a little to make Birthday cards or invite's.. just remove his wings and add a different object to his hands, for example.. a present die cut, or balloons... ect.  You can get the file HERE or Click on the picture below..

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