Monday, April 25, 2011

May Bingo Challenge at VDBC

Have you heard about the Bingo Challenge over at VDBC and the More Team??  If not head over to the forum, sign up if you haven't already and check it out!!  Then join Elizabeth, the host this month for the Bingo Challenge HERE.

Here is a copy of the Bingo Post:  Go HERE to veiw entire the thread and to play along!!

Get ready for some Bingo fun!!

1. You will choose 15 words from the list of 31 below.

2. You will send an email to with your list of words. Also, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FORUM NAME in the subject line. DEADLINE IS May 4th at 12:00am (midnight) EST. First word will be called on May 5th. So don't wait, get your list in today!

3. Everyday you will need to check back to this original post in this thread, and see if one of your words are called! All words called will be updated in the next post, SO, it will be up to you to come back here and check! I will usually call one word a day, but you never know when I might call it. So you will need to be on your toes and check in frequently! Who knows, there might be more than one word on some days! Also watch for our challenges. Which will be posted with the word called for the day

4. Once all 15 of your words are called, post on this thread. The first to post, calling BINGO, will win! (I will verify the winner with your selected words that you emailed! There can be no tie, because the winner will be determined by the FIRST PERSON to post on this thread calling BINGO!)
That's it! This is one of those "must be present to win" games... you have to call Bingo yourself in order to win, so it's up to you to keep checking!

5. After Bingo is called, we will pick a "Biggest Bingo Loser". Here's how it works...I'll take the first 3 posts stating the number of words needed and the one with the most uncalled words from that group will be our winner. I will also verify this.

So send in your bingo words right away and prepare for some fun along the path to BINGO! Who will win? The suspense will grow daily! Good luck to all!!!! AND most of all have fun!! AND remember no heckling the Bingo caller or her assistants!!

The theme for this month is 3D/Altered items, so keep this in mind as the month goes along...we will have fun challenges along the way as well.

Here are your words:

1. butterflies
2. dimensional stickers
3. baskets
4. cupcake wrappers
5. pop-up cards
6. board books
7. cards
8. frames
9. banners
10. tags
11. paint cans
12. swivel cards
13. boxes
14. altered art
15. pop dots
16. wall signs
17. CDs
18. bags
19. recycled containers
20. clipboard
21. calendars
22. sliceforms
23. pencil box
24. blocks
25. journal
26. candles
27. flowers
28. recipe book
29. shadow box
30. milk carton
31. mini albums

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